Donetsk, Dec 17 – DAN. A professional Russian kickboxer, multiple world champion, social and political activist Batu Khasikov has held a master class today in the 'Spartak' sport center in Donetsk for almost 100 spectators.

"It was very special as so many young people came. I am glad that sport is trending in Donetsk and youth is into it, into victories and self-development," he said.

Khasikov demonstrated his warming-up exercises for flexibility and resilience, with the focus on balance and coordination, followed by sparrings among the attenders.

"Donetsk has traditionally been strong with martial arts. The guys from here are very successful at modern competitions," Khasikov said.

A DPR activist, world and Europe champion kickboxer Roman Troshin attended the event today, organized with the assistance of the Russian Center. *ot