Donetsk, Jun 12 - DAN. A unified football tournament between the Donbass Republics’ leading clubs kicks off in Donetsk on June 15, the Donetsk People’s Republic Football Union press service reported on Tuesday.

“Donbass League matches begin on Saturday at the first ever unified tournament involving the best teams of the DPR and the LPR,” the report said.

Eight teams, divided into two groups, will compete. Each Republic is represented by four teams. Games will be played in the DPR and the LPR.

The participant clubs are Gvardeyets (Donetsk), Krsnodonugol (Krasnodon), Pobeda (Donetsk), Zarya-Akademia (Lugansk), Gornyak (Rovenki), Nika (Makeyevka), Shakhtyor (Sverdlovsk) and Bazhanovets (Makeyevka). More information is available of the DPR Football Union website.*jk