Donetsk, Sep 24 - DAN.  A delegation of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) will visit Donbass 2018 Football Cup matches, the Donetsk People’s Republic Youth, Sport and Tourism Ministry press service reported on Monday.

“A CONIFA delegation arrives in Donetsk on Wednesday, September 26; it will visit Donbass 2018 Football Cup games,” the press service said.

The delegation includes CONIFA president Per-Anders Blind, vice president Dmitry Pagava, Abkhazia National Olympic Committee president Valery Arshba and president of the Sukhum-based Football Club Dinamo Astamur Adleiba.

FC Pobeda from the DPR and FC Dalevets from the LPR will compete for the Donbass Champions Cup. The first match will take place in Donetsk on September 26 and the return match in Lugansk on October 3.

CONIFA brings together non-FIFA affiliated football associations. Participants in the CONIFA championships are usually non-recognised states and autonomies such as Monaco, Tibet, Greenland, Lapland and Abkhazia. CONIFA was established in 2013. The DPR Football Association joined it in September 2016.*jk