Donetsk, Mar 22 – DAN. DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko said the Republic had started a multilevel integration with Russia, as he was speaking live on TV.

"The committee founded in Crimes is public-initiated. Our social movement Donetsk Republic did it together with Crimea so that we can exist together with Russia. The integration is multilevel, not only economic, all live spheres are covered."

The Integration Committee Russia-Donbass was established in Crimea on March 17. Russian MP Andrey Kozenko Russia significantly supports DPR and LPR and public coordination is needed, that is why the Integration Committee was created. Its meeting took place in Livadia Palace, near Yalta, DPR and LPR leaders were present at the event.

All Republican TV channels live stream the Q&A, it is also available at

The talk mostly covers humanitarian program on reunification of Donbass people. *ot