Donetsk, Jan 29 – DAN. The DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko has established a state award for excellence in bringing up children; the appropriate decree has been published today on the website

"To encourage DPR citizens for outstanding achievements in bringing up children and for remarkable input into the strengthening of the institution of the family, I decide to establish a state award, a merit badge "For Excellence in Bringing Up Children"," the decree reads.

Parents or guardians of at least five children bringing them up for five years are eligible to the award.

The decree comes into force on the day it was signed, December 29, 2017.

The award is made in the shape of a Greek cross of silver with golden and colored enamel inclusions, against the background of a Laurel wreath. Its front side is covered with white enamel, the inscription 'For Excellence in Bringing Up Children' is placed circumferentially. The DPR coat-of-arms is in the center of the medal. It is fixed to the chest with a pad. *ot