Donetsk, Jun 30 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic authorities suspended the operation of a crossing point on the contact line as the COVID-19 situation in neighbouring Ukraine took a sharp turn for the worse, the DPR COVID-19 crisis headquarters said on Tuesday.

“The epidemiological situation in Ukraine is very bad; the number of the infected is growing rapidly with the infection rate and death toll hitting new highs,” the headquarters reported. “According to Ukrainian officials, a second coronavirus infection wave is gaining momentum. To ensure the safety of our citizens and prevent massive spreading of the coronavirus infection among DPR residents, Republic’s Head Denis Pushilin signed decree No 206 on June 27 which suspended traffic across the contact line with Ukraine.”

According to Ukrainian open sources, the country has 44,000 COVID-19 patients whose number keeps growing every day. “If the borders were opened, the COVID-19 situation in the Republic might have spun out of control. We cannot expose the life and health of our citizens to unjustified risk,” the headquarters said.

However, the headquarters continues to review the applications from citizens who wish to enter the DPR. Entry permits are issued to registered DPR residents and those who come for medical treatment or taking care of a sick relative.

They have to present a package of documents through the DPR Head’s website, the Zdorovoye Dvizheniye (Health Movement) headquarters by sending the documents to [email protected] or DPR’s Telegram channel @ShtabDNR_bot The applicants can expect an official response after consideration of their requests. For consultations call 45-0-45 (Phoenix mobile operator) or use fixed line number (062) 284-50-45.

The DPR suspended the operation of crossing points on the contact line in March to prevent the import of the coronavirus infection. The Yelenovka crossing point reopened for exiting the DPR on June 22 and for entering the DPR on June 25. Its operation was suspended again on June 28.*jk