Donetsk, Nov 21 - DAN. Yasinovataya residents filed a legal action at the European Court of Human Rights demanding compensation for the damage caused by Ukrainian army strikes.

The claim was brought by tenants of House No 2 of the Molodyozhny neighbourhood, which had been shelled with 152mm artillery. Direct hits at several apartments wrecked load-bearing structures, windows, doors and the interior.

“Together with our neighbours, we have filed our claims at the ECHR demanding compensation for the shelling by Ukrainian forces,” tenant Leonid said. “We very much hope that the ECHR can make Kiev authorities pay for the damage caused to us.”

There are 60 apartments in the five-storey house. It had 85 tenants before the fighting broke out in the region. Their number has decreased by some four times since. Specialists said that the total sum of repairs on the two damaged house sections reached over 44 million rubles.

“We demand that Ukraine return us all that we have lost. Why should I pay for new furniture and repairs with my own money. How can I be blamed if my house came under fire and I was left homeless? Let the Kiev authorities compensate what they’ve taken away,” house tenant Lyudmila Tischenko said.

Earlier, residents of Donetsk’s frontline Kuibyshevskiy district demanded that Ukraine pay for the damage caused by its army.*jk