Donetsk, Jan 31 — DAN. Engineers have ensured uninterrupted power supply to the frontline Yasinovataya town where electrical facilities regularly come under Kiev artillery fire, mayor Dmitry Shevchenko said on Tuesday.

“We keep monitoring the town’s electricity problem, ” Shevchenko said. “I don’t want to tell everything, but we’ve designed several backups which will help to quickly supply power to the town in case of new strikes. So, if we have a full blackout, these backups help us to at least provide the town with heat and water.”

Ukrainian artillery attacks cause several dozen power supply system accidents in the town every week, he added.

“I want to thank our power engineers for their quick and tireless repairs, ” the mayor said.

The town of Yasinovataya, founded in 1872, is located 21 kilometers from Donetsk. It is a key railway hub of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The town and its suburbs come under Ukrainian army fire almost every day. *jk