Donetsk, Jun 28 — DAN. The liberated villages of Novosyolovka and Novobakhmutovka administered by Yasinovataya authorities are almost completely ruined, town mayor Dmitry Shevchenko told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“We administer several settlements such as Novosyolovka and Novobakhmutovka, but the situation is very complicated there as they come under massive enemy fire and more than 90 percent of their infrastructure has been destroyed, ” Shevchenko said as he replied to the question about the return to peaceful life in liberated areas.

There aren’t many people in these villages, he said. The authorities do their best to help by supplying foodstuffs and fuel for electricity generators. The population in the districts managed by Yasinovataya Town Hall does not exceed several hundred people. 

Under DPR Head Denis Pushilin’s decrees, Yasinovataya authorities have administered the villages of Novosyolovka, Troitskoye and Novobakhmutovka on a permanent basis since April.*jk