Donetsk, Jun 27 — DAN. The Don — Seversky Donetsk water duct might start operating at 50 percent of its rated capacity by the end of this wek, chief engineer of the Voda Donbassa utility Sergey Mokry said on Tuesday.

“Check-out and start-up works are underway; they promised 50 percent of rated capacity by the end of the week and 100 percent (288,000 cubic meters of water per day) by July 27, ” Mokry told the Donetsk News Agency.

However, even after July 27, the operator will keep to a rationing schedule though water will be supplied on a daily basis. In the nearest future, up to 150,000 cubic meters of water might be supplied to the region daily, he said.

The project launch was first announced on December 21, 2022; Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported it to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Ministry’s Board. Initially, it was planned to commission the facility in April. Thousands of specialists from Russian regions worked 24/7 in the largest project of its kind in the modern Russia. *jk