Donetsk, Jun 6 — DAN. Ukrainian forces fired multiple rocket launchers at Kakhovka hydroelectric plant facilities on Monday night ruining the dam and causing uncontrollable water release, Russia’s Kherson region officials said.

At present, the water level in Novaya Kakhovka in immediate proximity to the hydroelectric power plant has exceeded the ten-meter mark; a considerable part of the town has been flooded. A similar situation is developing in other riverfront settlements downstream the Dnieper.

The region has set up a crisis headquarters which is led by Acting Governor Vladimir Saldo. Regional government chairman Andrey Alexeyenko who is monitoring the situation said that the people’s lives were not under threat but that the authorities were ready to launch evacuation from dangerous districts.

“If you see the water rising which threatens you and your family, you have to gather them all together, take your documents, money and valuables and be ready to leave the riverfront, ” regional authorities said in a statement.

Some 80 settlements might find themselves in the flood zone. Meanwhile, the Dnieper water level which rose as a result of the destruction of hydroelectric power plant structures will return to normal in the Novaya Kakhovka area within 72 hours. The authorities are monitoring the situation.*jk