Donetsk, Nov 20 – DAN. DPR rescuers have discovered two more bodies of miners killed in the November 17 Skochinsky mine accident.

A fire broke out in the conveyor gallery located in the 5th western face of the Skochinsky mine on November 17 at 5.20 a.m. as 26 miners were underground; 22 were evacuated. Four miners were unaccounted for immediately after the evacuation of personnel.

"On November 20, at 4.45 p.m. the second body was located in a non-maintained zone of the 5th western face. At 4.55 p.m. the third body was detected. Currently the bodies are being lifted to the surface."

The Skochinsky mine was commissioned in 1975. It produces quality metallurgical coals of grades “Zh” and “K”. The company has produced some 30 million tons of coal tunnelling some 250 kilometres since  the start of operation. The maximum tunnel depth is 1,350 metres. The company employs about 2,300 people.*ot