Donetsk, Jan 17 – DAN. Two intensive care units opened today in the Donetsk Central Hospital neurological department.

DPR MPs Igor and Angelica Dobros (Donetsk Republic parliamentary group) assisted the building of the ICUs. The opening ceremony was also attended by actind Donetsk mayor Alexey Kulemzin and the hospital dean Ilona Nemsadze.

"Today we open an IC ward at the Donetsk Central Hospital No. 9 neurological department. It's been a long way. In recent year we have a number of neurological patients growing due to the ongoing military action," Nemsadze said.

The furnishing of the unit was state funded, while the construction was funded by Igor and Angelica Dobros. Seven comfort functional beds and bedside tables have been installed, as well as defibrillators, electrocardiography equipment and digital tyre pressure monitoring systems.

The neurological department was launched in 1956, and admits up to 60 patients from Proletarskiy and Budyenovskiy city districts. Half of the department attends patients with vascular malformations; the other half is for treating neurological disorders. Currently 50 people receive treatment there. *ot