Donetsk, Aug 31 — DAN. Water supply to Donetsk and other towns in the region which have been experiencing water shortages for more than a year will increase to one time in two days and continue to grow, a utility representative said on Thursday.

“The volume of supplied water has indeed increased, but works on the River Don — Seversky Donetsk Canal-Donbass duct are ongoing, ” said chief engineer of the Voda Donbassa water supply utility Sergey Mokry. “Specialists are testing all systems to ensure uninterrupted delivery at a rated capacity of 288,000 cubic meters per day.”

As of now, the water supply schedule is set at one time every two days; the increase will be gradual and depend on the technical situation, he said.

Voda Donbassa tries to replenish water reservoirs in order to keep to the schedule. Local administrations arranged water delivery by trucks to the areas to which water cannot be piped, Mokry said.*jk