Donetsk, Jul 4 – DAN. Spanish adventurer and businessman Alvaro de Marichalar is going to make a sea voyage across the Azov and Black seas, from Sedovo in the DPR to Sevastopol in Crimea.

"I am a Spanish traveler and sailor. My vehicle is very small, the smallest ever to cross the Atlantics," he said speaking about his jet ski voyage.

"This August I want to jet-sky from Sedovo to Sevastopol," he said adding that the action is to support peace in Donbass.

Marichalar, born in 1961, was an aviation pilot and served in the Air Force for two years. Over the 30 years he has carried out 38 maritime expeditions, including the 2002 Rome-New York in the V Centenary of the Columbus voyage to America. He promotes healthy lifestyle and raises funds for charity NGOs. *ot