Donetsk, Jan 12 – DAN. Social wages shall be raised for over 10,000 DPR residents since January, said the minister of labor and social policy Larisa Tolstykina.

"The DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko signed a decree No.362 on December 15 to raise social wages to some categories of people. Over 10,000 recipients will be granted raised wages since January," she said.

For instance, maternity allowance for unemployed women previously amounted to 2,000 roubles and will be raised to 3,700 roubles.

Foster parents will be paid up to 7,440 roubles if they live provide care for children on terms of guardianship, foster care or family-type children's homes.

Persons disabled since childhood and underage disabled, low-income families will also see the augmentation of wages, based on the family income/ low-income limits ratio.

Large family supplement will also grow.

"The monthly payable wages will increase on 20 mln roubles in total. We do our best so that DPR residents feel socially protected. As economy grows, social wages will be further increased," Tolstykina said.

In 2017, over three bln roubles of social wages were paid. Montly payments amounted to 260 mln roubles distributed among 167 thousand recipients. *ot