Donetsk, Feb 7 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic intelligence learnt about a new theft of ammunition in Ukraine involving senior Defence Ministry and General Staff officers, DPR People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Thursday.

“Weapons and ammunition are stolen not only in the armed conflict zone where so-called volunteers swap them to sell elsewhere in the country. A large scale conspiracy is ongoing at all arsenals and depots. The corruption schemes involve senior Defence Ministry and General Staff officials,” the report said.

As an example, Bezsonov cited the recent theft of weapons at a Kirovograd region depot. In January, 400 RPG-22 anti-tank missiles, 200 D-30 artillery rounds, 120mm, 458 RPG-7 rounds, 40mm, and 1,980 OG-15 VM rounds, 73 mm, were illegally taken out of this ammunition depot.

"The criminal syndicate organiser, head of the Central Missile Artillery Department Col Klochko, ordered to write off this ammunition as expended Donbass ordnance documenting it supplies to the Sever Operations and Tactical Group,” the DPR People’s Militia spokesman said.*jk