Donetsk, Dec 12 — DAN. The Constitution of the Russian Federation reflects the normal laws of human society, loyalty to the historical path and respect for the citizens of the country, said Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin.

“In the most difficult times, going through numerous trials, we knew well what we were fighting for, ” Pushilin said. “For the basic values reflected in the the Fundamental Law, the normal laws of human society, loyalty to the historical path, high legal culture and respect for man.”

For the society, the Constitution of Russia and its President are the guarantors of confidence in the future. “We want to live peacefully and work on our land, develop and benefit the big country. ‘We have to fulfill many challenging tasks, but we’re confident of our future, ’ he said.

The Russian Constitution was adopted by national vote on December 12, 1993. A year later, a presidential decree announced the date a public holiday. The Donetsk News Agency has prepared a quiz for its readers, to help them remember or learn interesting facts about the Russian Constitution. Follow our news on Telegram; questions will appear as the day goes along.*jk