Donetsk, Dec 14 – DAN. The doctrine of the Russian Donbass is a comprehensive cultural and historic compendium to become a key policy document for state management and educational system, the DPR Head Denis Pushilin said speaking at a meeting with scientists, educators, public activists and journalists at the Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library.

“We knew what we were fighting for in 2014. Today, we think about the future for at least one generation ahead, and we must develop (the state doctrine) thoroughly and nothing must go unheeded,” he said.

Pushilin elaborated that the ideological platform should “define the concepts, scientifically explain the shared position” as the DPR “craves a lot and it is difficult to explain”.

To design the future effective state management system the Republic should mould a doctrine that reflects basic aspects of cultural and historical development of the region, the lifestance and the mentality of the Donbass people, the emergence of the statehood idea.

The meeting decided to form an editorial drafting group to develop the doctrine and introduce amendments, and to launch a nation-wide public discussion over its contents.

Earlier, the DPR Public chamber Chairman Alexander Kofman said that the doctrine is to become a leverage for region’s integration into the Russian cultural and economic space. *ot