Donetsk, Apr 21 - DAN. Donetsk police seized a weapons arsenal from a resident of the city’s Budyonnovskiy district, the Donetsk People’s Republic Interior Ministry press service reported.

“A search of the suspect’s house found a Kalashnikov assault rifle with a loaded 30-round magazine, a Makarov pistol with two loaded eight-round magazines, an RPG-7 (shoulder-fired grenade launcher), a shotgun, an F-1 hand grenade, six RGD-5 grenades, and three VOGs (underbarrel grenade launcher rounds – eds Donetsk News Agency),” the press service said.

“The officers also found three fuses, three sets of RPG rounds, one Utyos machine gun round, more than 100 rounds of various calibres in the Utyos ammo box, and two sets of grenade launcher rounds,”  it said.

The suspect told police that he had kept the weapons and ammo at home since he found them in October 2016 and that he had no plans to sell or use them.

He is liable to prosecution under DPR Criminal Code Article 256 for illegal acquisition, keeping or carrying of firearms, explosives or ammunition with a maximum penalty of four years in prison.*jk