Donetsk, Dec 28 – DAN. There are over 8,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in DPR who were forced to leave their homes due to the ongoing armed conflict, said DPR ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"Currently 8,280 IDPs live in DPR, 3,500 in Donetsk."

Around 400 of them fled to DPR from territory controlled by Kiev for political reasons, as they felt insecure there.

"I've been living in Donetsk for two years, I come from Avdeyevka. There were prowlers, it was impossible to live there. I am grateful to DPR for the free lodging," said Natalia Bakhmutskaya who was forced to leave her home.

DPR ombudswoman office has been engaged in solving IDP problems since 2014. There are 15 temporary lodging centers operating across DPR, 13 of them fully functioning and two reserve. This year 718 people addressed ombudswoman office and were accommodated in temporary lodging. Currently 1,302 IDPs stay in temporary lodging, others are accommodated in Republican housing facilities.*ot