Donetsk, May 9 – DAN. Over 70 thousand people took part in the Immortal Regiment march in Donetsk commemorating their relatives who defended their Motherland in World War II and later conflicts.

The column moved along the Artyoma Street joining DPR residents, Kiev-controlled territory residents, Russian nationals and others. A car with WWII veterans led the solemn parade.

DPR residents and guests had photos of their deceased relatives who fought in World War II, the Afghan war and the Donbass war. Many people carried DPR banners and flowers.

Immortal Regiment is a public march on Victory Day in Russia and other countries with people carrying the photos of their relatives who fought in World War II.

It was first launched in Tomsk in 2012, and a year later was carried out in 120 towns. In 2014, residents of 500 towns in seven countries participated in the Immortal Regiment march. The move became an official event in Russia in 2015 gathering more than 500,000 people in Moscow alone.*ot