Donetsk, Jan 3 – DAN. Over 26 thousand private and multistorey houses have been damaged in Donbass by Kiev forces’ strikes, said the Ministry of Construction and Public Utilities Services.

“The rough estimate reveals that around 26 thousand private and multistorey houses have been damaged: 4,745 multi-apartment buildings and 21,375 private residential houses have been targeted."

Humanitarian foundations, state reconstruction programs and residents' efforts allowed to rebuild 1,796 multistorey houses and 5,470 private houses.

"Due to the ongoing military action it is still impossible to assess damage incurred by hundreds of houses, some of them hit more than once."

The second stage of the DPR state program for repairs of houses damaged in the course of the war began in August 2015, and it covers 1,189 multi-storey buildings, 436 infrastructure objects. The third stage covers over 4,000 of houses including 1,800 multi-apartment buildings. In 2018, the fourth stage is to cover over 700 infrastructure and housing locations.*ot