Donetsk, Jul 10 – DAN. Over 25 thousand private and multi-storey houses have been damaged in Donbass by Kiev forces' strikes, said the Ministry of Construction and Public Utilities Services.

"According to the data provided by local administrations, 4,745 multi-apartment buildings and 20,700 private residential houses and thousands objects of cultural or infrastructural importance have been damaged to various degrees since the war began in 2014. Since the beginning of 2017, 837 houses have been targeted."

Of those, 1,322 multi-apartment buildings and 8,400 private houses have been seriously damaged; 66 multi-apartment buildings and 1,984 private houses have been damaged beyond repair. The Ministry said 1,583 multi-apartment buildings and 4,632 private houses have been repaired.

"These numbers include not only the objects repaired under the state program, but also those houses repaired by the owners at their own expenses, or with the help of  charities or sponsors."

The second stage of the DPR state program for repairs of houses damaged in the course of the war began in August 2015, and it covers 1,189 multi-storey buildings, 436 infrastructure objects. In March 2017 DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko said that the third stage would cover over 4,000 of houses including 1,800 multi-apartment buildings.*ot