Donetsk, Apr 21 - DAN. No new coronavirus infection cases were diagnosed in the Donetsk People’s Republic over the past weekend, the DPR Healthcare Ministry reported on Tuesday.

“As of 11:30 on April 21, the DPR had 36 confirmed cases, no new cases or COVID-19 related deaths had been recorded over the past 24 hours; two people had been discharged from hospital,” the report said.

“Thirty-four are undergoing treatment and sixty have been discharged from hospitals as they fully recovered from acute respiratory viral infection and had two negative COVID-19 tests," the Ministry said.

The Republic’s COVID-19 hotline took 356 calls over the past 24 hours.

The latest report on new COVID-19 cases in the DPR came on April 17 when four new cases were diagnosed bringing the total to 36.

April 18 and April 20 were days off in the Republic, and April 19 was a holiday.*jk