Donetsk, Jan 19 – DAN. Roughly, 100,000 new customers have joined the Republican Phoenix mobile operator network since MTS-Ukraine (Vodafone) carrier ceased operation in Donbass, the Donbass Post reported.

"Since January 11, Donbass Post has been working under severe pressure as the demand for Phoenix sim-cads grew sharply, people are queuing to get them. Almost 100,000 starter kits have been sold in a week, and the peak has not passed yet."

To purchase a 120 rubles starter kit one should present his ID, INN and copies thereof and to fill in the request form. Up to five sim-cards can be sold to one person.

On January 11, the DPR was cut off from the last Ukrainian mobile carrier MTS-Ukraine (Vodafone) services after an emergency disconnection of communication channel outside Elenovka, leaving the Phoenix operator the only provider of mobile call service. Sales of DPR Phoenix mobile operator starter kits grew immediately. Currently DDoS attacks on the carrier's network are being reported. *ot