Donetsk, Feb 8 - DAN. Psychological pressure, blackmail and threats - to name but a few methods the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is using against Donetsk People’s Republic militiamen’s families living in Kiev-held territory. People’s Militia serviceman Eduard Klypa spoke at a press conference in Donetsk about new facts of intimidation by the SBU and their consequences.

The SBU recruited Klypa several years ago threatening violence on his relatives if he refused to cooperate. He had to gather intelligence on the DPR armed forces and help organise acts of terror and sabotage in the Republic’s territory. However, Klypa reported it the DPR secret services which helped to prevent a large terrorist attack in 2017.

He has not been in touch with his family since fearing for the safety of his elderly parents. Two years later, Klypa decided to find out if they were well. He learnt that although he had had no contacts with his parents they had been under psychological pressure.

“I found out that my dad was bed-stricken and had vocal cord paralysis because the house had been periodically searched for weapons etc without permit since March 2017. SBU agents asked them where their son was and said that I was a traitor and that they would find my anyway,” Klypa said. “Mother was hospitalised with a blood stoke. She’s now at home, but she’s unwell.”

He said that the SBU pressure increased following his attempts to get in touch with his family. He showed the journalists a 20-second audio file of his talk with his mother. The woman, in faltering tones, tells about regular searches and the SBU outrage.*jk