Donetsk, Nov 28 - DAN. Rescuers retrieved one of the two miners hurt in a rockfall at the Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine in Makeyevka on 26 November evening; his colleague is still missing, the DPR Emergencies Ministry press service reported on Tuesday.

“As of now, one of the miners of the Makeyevka-based Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine, with whom contact was made at 5:00 a.m., has been retrieved and brought to the surface. The second miner is missing,” the press service said.

The rescued miner was taken to hospital, it added.

A rockfall occurred at the Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine on 26 November. Of the 18 miners who were in the tunnel at the time, 16 managed to get to the surface unassisted. *jk