Donetsk, Apr 3 – DAN. Water supply to Dokuchayevsk is erratic after power supply to Severskiy Donets – Donbass (SDD) water pipe facilities was disconnected, the city emergencies line said.

"In evening of April 2 at 5 p.m. Ukraine cut off power supply. water supply to the city stopped. Until 10 p.m., water was supplied from reservoirs. Over the night, Ukraine turned the pumps on again, we are expecting the water by the evening."

At this moment centralized water supply is unavailable.

Earlier the SDD pumping station of the first level section was cut off on the Kiev-controlled territory. The SDD was subsequently halted.

Earlier Ukraine announced plans to discontinue power supply to the Voda Donbassa water company and terminate the existing contracts citing the company's debts. The move would have resulted in the lack of water supply across Donbass and an environmental disaster.Later Ukrainian government decided to prolong indefinite contracts between Ukrinterenergo and Voda Donbassa until the latter finds another power supplier. *ot