Donetsk, Dec 19 – DAN. Kiev representatives at the economic subgroup in Minsk said that the ICRC mechanism of pension payments to immobile residents of Donbass is incompatible with Ukrainian law, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Today Kiev representatives were actually saying that the ICRC-proposed working mechanism of payments to immobile people is incompatible with Ukrainian law."

This statement was made after Republics' delegates suggested that the mechanism should be tested.

"In light of such statements it is important to receive official written position of the Ukrainian side on options to provide residents of Donbass with pensions and social benefits. This is stipulated by the Minsk Agreements and international organizations have been calling on Ukraine to implement the provision."

The ICRC tabled its proposition on payments at the previous meeting in Minsk.

Kiev halted all the payments to Donbass residents in the autumn 2014. *ot