Donetsk, Oct 6 – DAN. The Ukrainian side asked DPR reps in Minsk negotiations to pass winter clothes to the detainees in the Republics instead of swapping them following "all for all" principle, said DPR envoy to the Contact Group working group on humanitarian issues Daria Morozova.

"The Ukrainian side of the conflict could have tried to pretend that they adhere to Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Minsk Package of Measures, and take back their deceived soldiers, who are now on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Instead, they asked to pass warm winter clothes for them. In other words, Kiev makes its people understand that the exchange is not going to be carried out soon and they have to be content with those mere pittances," she said.

"We pity Ukrainian patriots, who believed the propaganda and pinned faith on current Ukrainian government, standing up against their fellow brothers. I really sympathize with our guys, because they had been trapped. I emphasize that we haven`t forgotten about them, that we fight to liberate them. I feel sorry for those mothers who still believe Kiev and its representatives to Minsk, those who still think that the authorities make efforts to liberate their children. Ukraine misinforms everyone: both the international community and those poor mothers and relatives on both sides of the conflict. Unfortunately, our subgroup hasn`t yet managed to come to an agreement on the exchange of hostages. We insisted on an early solution, but the Ukrainian side doesn`t want to liberate their soldiers and to set free our men," Morozova added.

On September, 21st, at the Contact Group working group on humanitarian issues meeting DPR proposed a prisoner exchange on a “618 for 47” principle. A further official written propose was issued. On October, 5th another round of talks took place in Minsk.