Donetsk, May 2 - DAN. Ukrainian authorities have no intention to finish the investigation into the 2014 Odessa tragedy and punish the culprits, the Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Ministry press service said on Thursday.

“Today, we remember one of the most horrible tragedies, the Odessa Khatyn, the press service said. “Five years on, the fact that the culprits behind this horrible massacre have not been found causes total indignation; furthermore, we don’t see willingness on part of Ukrainian authorities to find and punish the criminals.”

The crime was committed at the connivance of the authorities who had come to power in Ukraine as a result of government overthrow. “We pay tribute to the victims of the horrible tragedy and convey our condolences to their relatives,” the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

On 2 May 2014, Right Sector extremist organisation militants burnt down a tent camp in the Kulikovo field where signature collection was underway in support of the referendum on federalisation of Ukraine and official status of the Russian language. The supporters of federalisation and anti-Maidan movement took shelter in the Trade Unions House but radicals encircled the building and torched it. The tragedy left 48 people dead and more than 240 injured.

Last year, a memorial to the people killed in the Odessa tragedy was founded in Donetsk’s Lenin Komsomol Park.*jk