Donetsk, Oct 11 — DAN. The video showing massacred Kupyansk civilians was recorded and posted in order to intimidate the civilian population and dehumanize the image of Russian soldier, Donetsk People’s Republic ombudsperson Darya Morozova said on Tuesday.

“About the video posted by Ukrainian Nazi Zhorin: the images of slaughtered civilians in Kupyansk, Kharkov region. Mutilated bodies are dumped into a pit like garbage.  The video was allegedly found in the phone of an ‘invader.’ An absolutely non-transparent hint at Russian servicemen’s involvement in this crime, and an eloquent inscription: ‘Retribution will follow!’ Morozova said.

Details of the video show Ukrainian gunmen’s complicity in the crime. It is a recent recording as it shows trees that have turned yellow and fallen leaves; the victims wore warm clothes. The Russian army began to retreat from the town in early September when the trees were green and the weather differed from what it is now. The victims were obviously tortured as their hands were tied behind the back and bags were put over their heads. One can see the familiar style of Ukrainian secret services which they have practiced since 2014, the DPR ombudsperson said.

“Apparently it is another horrible Ukrainian provocation. Kiev played out a similar scenario in Bucha and Mariupol’s Drama Theater and Maternity Hospital. The objective is always the same: to intimidate the civilian population and dehumanize the image of Russian soldier. But ‘Azov’ member Zhorin is right about one thing: retribution will come. It’s close and inevitable. An impartial investigation into the crimes of Ukrainian military against Kupyansk civilians will be carried out, ” Morozova said.*jk