Donetsk, Jul 5 – DAN. The Ukrainian side at the Minsk negotiations of the humanitarian subgroup derailed the discussion of the POWs swap, said DPR Ombudswoman representing DPR in the subgroup Daria Morozova.

"We expected that the preparations for the exchange of the verified POWs will be finalized at today's meeting. We did a tremendous job of updating the detainees lists. Kiev's disruptive attitude proved once again that they are unwilling to carry out the swap. Our delegation had to leave the negotiations as Kiev voiced an official renunciation of the exchange."

Earlier today the head of the DPR delegation Denis Pushilin expressed his indignance over Kiev hampering the swap devising. He said Kiev not only blocks Donbass Republics initiatives but also impugns international organizations capabilities in the spheres concerned.

Morozova said earlier that the subgroup plans to discuss living standards in Ukrainian prisons, where DPR supporters are held and interrogated unlawfully. *ot