Donetsk, Jul 26 - DAN. Khartsyzsk steel pipe maker which went into DPR receivership will resume operation in September 2017.

“The company is out of operation; customer search talks are underway,” chairwoman of the public headquarters for control of the Ukrainian companies going into DPR receivership Olga Pozdnyakova told reporters on Wednesday. “The enterprise plans to relaunch production by mid-September.”

“Of course, it will not reach full capacity at once; the workers will be gradually stepping up production,” Pozdnyakova said.

They are paid two-thirds of their salary because of the lay-off.

Khartsyzsk steel pipe manufacturer is the largest large diameter pipe producer in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Thanks to unique production capacities it can manufacture 530mm- to 1,220mm-diameter pipes for high-pressure gas and oil pipelines.

The company has been out of operation since December 2015 because of a lack of vital raws caused by Kiev blockade. It currently employs 1,426 people and has two primary shops for welding and anti-rust treatment and the auxiliary repair, railway and power shops.*jk