Donetsk, Jun 2 — DAN. The DPR celebrated the International Children’s Day with concerts, competitions and rallies.
The All-Russia People’s Front (ONF) supplied the Donetsk Medical Aid Center with twenty kits for newborn babies, a total of 469 such kits have been delivered to the Republic.

The Chairwoman of the DPR Public Chamber Ekaterina Martyanova and ONF representative Yuriy Vaganov paid a visit to the Shakhtersk Children’s Social Centre and brought presents: toys, art supplies, and board games. 

The head of the Donetsk administration, Alexey Kulemzin, handed sweets, and tickets to entertainment venues to children from foster families. 

In Mariupol, team sports games in the fresh air, creative art classes, and a soap bubbles show were held. More than 60,000 ice creams were given to children. Russian musicians also performed for the city’s residents and guests. *ot

Dokuchaevsk educational institutions participated in the «Bright Windows of Childhood» show, decorating them with balloons, drawings and stickers. A «Finnik» cartoon screening was organized.

In the Republican Specialized Children’s House located in the capital of the DPR, a performance prepared by the pupils of the institution, educators, speech therapists and defectologists was held.
 In Enakievo, Snezhnoye, Shakhtersk, Khartsyzsk and other townships, various entertainment events and rallies took place. 

Children’s Day is a commemorative date celebrated annually on June 1 in honour of children. In Russia and in a number of other countries, its official name is the Day of Children’s Protection. All kinds of events, celebrations, cultural events are organized for children and families on this day. *ot