Donetsk, Jul 26 - DAN. The Donetsk News Agency is preparing to launch its new website; starting today, anybody can explore it and leave their recommendations.

The new web resource will use a completely new approach to rubrication. Its key sections are to be formed by readers together with journalists for the first time in Donbass, and for the first time in the history of news agencies.

Popular news

It’s a known fact that many media outlets have rubrics for popular news, but DAN went further. Its main page will display the most read stories over the past few days; a special algorithm linked to news items  shows the most popular ones in the past month. Even if you did not follow the news every day, you won’t miss the most important events because a broad audience selects the hottest stories.

New documents

Aside from news, official information is always significant as it directly affects millions of people. DAN set up the list of the most read documents reflecting the public interest and making these documents available to any reader.

Topical multimedia

Photos can sometimes convey more information than texts. Visual content has been increasingly significant. DAN will watch which photos resonate with the audience and form the top list of the most popular recent photos.

Step into the future

DAN’s new website creates new opportunities to work with information for professional journalists, representatives of government bodies, research centers, international organizations etc. Over six years of its operation, DAN has been quoted on all continents and in all world languages. The agency has grown. It is being developed by millions now.*jk*pp