Donetsk, Jul 1 – DAN. The “Harvest Сeasefire” coordinated by the Contact Group in Minsk, came into effect in Donbass at midnight.

“DPR units are strictly adhering to the silence regime,” the DPR Operations Command said.

Two security incidents happened several hours prior to the ceasefire due time: Ukrainian army carried out strikes on Gorlovka outskirts, later, an explosion ripped through a gas station in the Novoazovsk district. Sabotage act is not being ruled out.

The Contact Group has coordinated an indefinite comprehensive Harvest ceasefire from July 1. Overall, the sides announced almost two dozens of ceasefires in the course of the conflict. Every single one had only a minor effect on the generally unstable security situation.

DPR top negotiator Denis Pushilin said that Ukraine must prohibit its soldiers to open fire on towns, publish orders banning attacks, offensive actions, sniper fire, usage of heavy weapons in populated areas, taking effective measures against the violators of ceasefire, providing unlimited access to the OSCE SMM members.

Ukraine has not shown any willingness to fulfill either of the oppositions. *ot