Donetsk, Nov 6 – DAN. Giant metal sculptures of transformers and mechs have been spotted in Donetsk and other locations across the DPR, DAN correspondents say.

The figures, some of them move their heads and light up at night, have been installed by volunteers of enterprises, automobile repair shops.

Gennadyi Sizonov, a 57 year old artisan might be the one who paved the way for the inhabitants of the Transformers universe.

"I noticed plastic car parts along the roads, bumpers, hoods, hub caps, all of them reminded me parts of a robot. As if they were created to make up a robot," he told DAN reporters.

The first sculpture took him two months in 2015, then he assembled another one. The robots can be found in Krinichnoye (Makeyevka, Sovetskiy district).

In Donetsk, a 15-meter-high transformer has become a landmark of the Kievskiy district. Two more are being assembled by the staff of a repair shop.

Another automobile shop came up with a huge Optimus Prime; a Bumblebee sculpture overlooks central Makeyevka. *ot