Donetsk, Oct 11 – DAN. DPR people are getting ready to withstand false peacekeepers invasion by means of which Kiev hopes to grasp control over Donbass. More than one thousand DPR residents took part today in a mass exercise to counter an armed international mission, the training took place in Donetsk north-western district only several km away from Ukrainian armed forces position.

"The youth gathered to show that armed missions are definitely not welcome in Donbass. We can take care of our own security. Primaries is a perfect example. People of Donbass show the world by such gatherings that we have the right to independence," said Molodaya Respiblika (The Young Republic) social organization leader Nikita Kiosev.

People of DPR and LPR strongly oppose a possible armed mission deployment to Donbass that has been called for by Ukraine. Its president Petr Poroshenko even requested heavy arms for such missions. DPR and LPR emphasize that deployment of armed missions to Donbass is unacceptable and runs counter Minsk Agreements, and could only further escalate the conflict.