Donetsk, May 1 - DAN. A large pubic march began in Donetsk on Tuesday as residents across the Republic celebrated Spring and Labour Day.

The marchers walk from the Krupskaya Library to Lenin Square. There are some 3,000 participants representing the Donbass labour elite, the organisers said.

Trade Unions Federation chairman Maxim Parshin and the craft unions heads are leading the march. A large column representing the major coal producers such as Makeyevugol and Torezantratsit joined the march along the city thoroughfare. Kholodnaya Balka mine team leader Oleg Gubriyenko, Full Cavalier of Miners Glory and Miners Valour medals is taking part in the procession with his colleagues.

The miners are followed by educators, judicial and health care systems personnel, metallurgists and other craft union members, including Donetsk Metallurgical Plant and Donbass Markets state-owned enterprise workers. In all, 25 craft unions are represented. Each group led by merited and honorary workers in their respective fields.

Activists are holding flags of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Trade Union Federation as well as placards reading “united we’re strong,” “unions for peace,” “freedom of expression is the Republic’s power” etc.

“I take part in May1 march every year and each time I feel happy in a special way because it’s very important to keep and develop traditions. The weather makes people happy, many have come with their children; they’re interested to see it all. It’s very important for the modern generations not to forget how their parents and relatives celebrated these holidays,” retired Abakumovka Mine worker Valentin told the Donetsk News Agency.

The city areas hosting the celebrations are sealed to traffic. Dozens of police, Emergencies Ministry personnel and ambulances are on duty in Donetsk streets.

May 1 is Spring and Labour Day in the DPR. Festivities are planned across the republic. In addition to the march and the rally, Donetsk will run a theme entertainment programme, exhibitions and fairs. The celebrations will end in a concert of popular Russian artists. *jk