Donetsk, May 3 - DAN. Foreign servicemen representing the defence ministries of their countries will participate for the first time in the Victory Day parade in Donetsk on May 9, Donetsk People’s Republic Defence Minister Vladimir Kononov said on Thursday.

“I’ll tell you a little secret: the number of the parade units has increased. On May 9, representatives of other states will join the march,” Kononov said without elaborating.

At this moment, the first V-Day parade rehearsal is underway in Donetsk. The units are drilling the organised crossing of Donetsk’s main Artem Square. The training involves military equipment including different types of the T-72 tanks. Traffic is restricted in central Donetsk but trams run according to schedule.

Donetsk had its first ever Victory Day parade on May 9 2015. It showed several dozen pieces of military equipment such as tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery.*jk