Snezhnoye, Aug 19 - DAN. Experts retrieved the first four bodies from the mass grave in the Ovsyanoye cemetery outside Snezhnoye; supposedly, they are victims of the fighting in the summer of 2014, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Forensic Examination Bureau Dmitry Kalashnikov told reporters on Thursday.

“As of now, we’ve recovered four bodies. They had not been autopsied before burial, and no death certificates on them had ever been issued,” Kalashnikov said.

"All the remains are skeletonized with practically no soft tissues. One of the exhumed bodies belonging to a man has a gunshot wound to the head, the other victim, also a man, had a mine blast trauma of the limbs. He also suffered burns,” he added.

Earlier reports on Thursday said that experts of the inter-departmental Commission for the search for missing persons and burial sites in Donbass conflict zones had launched the work to exhume the war victims remains in Snezhnoye's Ovsyanoye cemetery. Supposedly, 50 people were buried there. The exhumation will be carried out on the step-by-step basis. It is planned to exhume about ten bodies in the first two days.*jk