Donetsk, Jul 21 – DAN. A fire broke out at the Yenakiyevo Metallurgical Plant, the firefighting effort involved some 50 Emergencies Ministry personnel, the Ministry’s press service reported on Tuesday.

"The local firefighting service was alerted at 10:27 on July 20; thanks to rescuers’ good teamwork, the fire was quickly extinguished and did not spread to other steel plant shops".

Damage assessment is underway. Specialists are looking for the cause.

The VTS press service told the Donetsk News Agency that no one had been hurt in the fire which broke out on a cable duct of Main Junction Box No 2 and led to the accident-free suspension of lead units. The equipment in the main shops was not damaged.

A schedule has been drawn to eliminate the aftermath of the fire and restore power supply. It is planned to put the units back online shortly,” a press service representative said.

The Yenakiyevo Metallurgical Plant is a key steel-making company in Donbass. As Ukraine toughened the economic blockade in 2017, the DPR authorities took the company into receivership.*jk