Donetsk, Jul 4 – DAN. A DPR social organization Fair Defense has sent over 3.5 thousand files on victims of Kiev's aggression against Donbass to the ICC and the ECHR, the representative of the organization Ivan Kopyl told DAN in an exclusive interview.

"As of the end of June, we have filed 727 files on killed and wounded adults, 144 on killed and wounded minors, 48 on tortures, 668 on destructions with the ICC."

The ECHR received 2,031 complaints from the residents of Donbass in the same period.

The public committee on recording Kiev forces’ war crimes was launched in mid-2015. Criminal and law experts aim to gather data on the crimes the Ukrainian armed forces committed in Donbass. The committee registered as an organization in February 2018 and adopted the name of Fair Defense social organization. *ot