Donetsk, Oct 17 — DAN. Nine Donetsk People’s Republic militiamen have returned from Ukrainian captivity, DPR ombudsperson Darya Morozova said on Monday.

“Today, nine DPR militiamen returned home from Ukrainian captivity with the assistance of the DPR ombudsperson, ” Mozorova said. “They were freed last week under prisoner exchange accords between the Russian Federation and the state of Ukraine.”

The militiamen are now in a DPR hospital, she added.

“The facts of use of illegal coercion methods against participants in the special military operation by representatives of Ukrainian armed formations and secret services have again been proven true, ” the DPR ombudsperson said. “They even tortured a serviceman who had become paralyzed after a serious wound.”

Morozova’s Office said that the servicemen who have returned to the DPR have nothing to do with the “110 for 110” prisoner swap with Ukraine which took place on Monday.

Earlier in the day, DPR interim Head Denis Pushilin announced a prisoner exchange with Ukraine under the “110 for 110” formula. Kiev got 108 people (two women refused to return to Ukraine) and Moscow got 80 Russian sailors who have been held hostage since February, as well as 30 servicemen from the DPR, LPR and other Russian regions.*jk