Donetsk, Sep 5 - DAN. An explosive device went off in Donetsk’s Kalininsky district wounding a police officer.

More than 30 law-enforcement personnel sealed off the area. Ambulances have arrived at the scene.

“A public utility employee found an unknown object near the non-operating cinema house Donetsk and called police," an eye-witness told the Donetsk News Agency."The explosion occurred as a policeman was approaching the place.”

A school and a kindergarten are in close proximity to the scene of the blast.

“When we heard the explosion, we, the teachers ran out into the street to take the children into the building. Then we decided not to stop classes as we realised that there was no threat to children’s lives,” a schoolteacher said.

“The explosion posed no danger to the kindergarten or the school; the children were not evacuated and the classes continued,” a Donetsk Town Hall official told DAN.