Donetsk, Dec 13 - DAN. Petrol and diesel fuel prices in the Donetsk People’s Republic will slightly increase due to the world market situation, DPR Transport Minister Dmitriy Podlipanov told reporters on Thursday.

“As of today, fuel prices are increasing given the world market trend,” Podlipanov said. “In fact, the situation is on the right track because the insignificant increase which we now have does not exceed 2 percent for petrol prices and 4 percent for diesel fuel, while the gas price decrease nearly amounts to 10 percent.”

Fuel price hikes will not impact the cost of passenger transportation, he added.

“The November price reduction practically compensated today’s increase,” the minister said.

On November 1, retailers across DPR cut petrol and diesel fuel prices; A-92 petrol price fell from 50 rubles to 45 rubles per litre. The gas price amounted to 30 rubles per litre.*jk