The DPR has begun training specialists to carry out the general population census scheduled for October this year, the acting Minister of Economic Development Alexander Efimov said.

"Currently  we are training officials who will be carrying out the census, fill In the questionnaires. The training is taking place as scheduled in accordance with a road map. "

Cartographic materials are being prepared, the work is being done to divide the territory into census blocks, countable districts and to establish instruction stations.

The government has published its decree saying that the census will take place on October 1- 14 and information will be registered as of October 1.

The preparation, organization and holding of the census is to be supervised and carried out by the DPR Main department of statistics; as for military units and enterprises with restricted access, the Interior Ministry, Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry of State Security, People’s Militia are responsible for carrying out the census.

The census includes the following data: gender, age, citizenship, ethnicity, knowledge of languages, education, condition of being married, children, relations between household members, place of birth, place of residence/stay, housing conditions, livelihood, employment, migration.

The census will be made available to public. According to the interim procedure, general population census is to be conducted at least once in ten years. *ot*pp