Donetsk, Jul 3 – DAN. DPR representatives in the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group will question the quality of living conditions provided to DPR supporters locked up by Ukrainian authorities, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"At the upcoming meeting in the Minsk format I plan to raise the issue of the living standards in Ukrainian prisons where DPR supporters are held. We record the human rights violations committed by Ukraine. War crimes have no statute of limitations. All those responsible will be held responsible."

The Ombudswoman said that Kiev law enforcement authorities still detain DPR supporters. In the fortnight, the Ombudswoman's office received 10 complaints over arrests, which have been executed by Ukrainian state security service at checkpoints as they plan to blackmail the detainees and to force them to collaborate.

"I have repeatedly addressed international organizations over unlawful questionings perpetrated by Ukrainian authorities and over unacceptable living conditions in their prisons," Morozova said.

As of June 30, Ukraine keeps 684 people imprisoned, including 419 persons whose presence in the Ukrainian territory is confirmed; 248 persons unconfirmed; 17 persons whose status has been requested from Ukraine for the first time; 508 people are listed as missing.

The next meeting of the Minsk talks' participants is scheduled for July 5, all the subgroups are expected to work. *ot